Sharing Vision on Anti-Poaching and Wildlife Conservation with the Chinese community.

For the past almost 20 years, Thula Thula has been dedicated to the rescue, protection and conservation of wildlife.
Despite the tragic events which took place on the 21st of February this year, we carry on, as the protection and survival of our wildlife is a fight that we can never give up.
Nowadays, most of our wildlife is endangered because of ancient traditions or superstitions.

3 Rhinos killed every day in South Africa and 1 Elephant every 15 min in Africa.

We can all fight this by different ways, by fighting with weapons, as this is a war, but also by education, as education is key to conservation.
This can be done by stopping the demand for rhino horn and elephant tusks. If there is no more demand, there will be no more killing of our endangered wildlife.
Children are the voices of the future and that is why it is vital for them to learn and understand the importance of wildlife conservation and protection, and to learn and understand the poaching crisis we are faced with every day in our nature reserves.
To each go back and spread the message now as if this carries on like this, in 20 years’ time, elephant and rhino will be no more to be seen in Africa.

On behalf of all our wildlife, we would like to thank Mr Jianzhou Wang, the Consul General of China, and the Durban Chinese Community, for choosing Thula Thula for this amazing donation and for caring and helping to make a difference and sharing our passion and vision for conservation.

Francoise Malby Anthony

Managing Director Thula Thula Game Reserve