Safari is basically like a thrilling and adventurous journey, the journey to enjoy with free roaming animals. The animals usually live in their natural environment such as savanna, forests, wander around and prey. The best thing about the safaris is that human beings, just like you and me can visit and enjoy a wonderful interacting with these animals (but not disturbing them). Safari is generally an overland journey or a trip to Africa where people you can experience the wildlife as much as you want. The tourist guide, vehicles and other facilities are provided making sure that there is not sort of inconvenience.

Enough knowing what a safari is. Just out of curiosity, there is a question continually popping in my mind. Have you ever been to a safari? No? Well if not, then now is the time.

Now you might be probably wondering which safari is actually the best. Right? Well, the best of all is the South African Safari mainly because of the diversity of animals. There are several species of animals you didn’t even hear of. Elephants, antelopes, rhinos, hyena, buffalos and a variety of birds too. Trust me, it is one of the best and most diverse animal lands on the planet. From friendly omnivores to fierce carnivores, there are literally several different kinds of animals to see. To be more accurate, the nation (South Africa) has almost 299 species of mammals and 858 species of birds. Shocking? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually true.


Animals you can find in South African safari:

There are so many animals’ species in the South African safaris that it literally becomes tough to name. Some of the most common species are stated below, have a look:

Mammals: Some mammals you might see in the South African safari are Rhinoceros, elephants, cape buffalos, Springbok (which is South Africa’s national animal too), Nyala, bushbuck, Oryx, lions and leopards. These are just a few out of the hundreds of species which you can observe on your trip to the safari park.

Birds: Who doesn’t love birds? Those flying creatures are quite admirable. The best thing is that you can observe quite a lot of them on your trip. Some of which are; Ostrich, tawny eagle, African goshawk, snake eagle and spotted owl eagle.

Snakes: While most of you might be scared of snakes. Obviously, why won’t someone be, right? There are still some species you might want to observe live. If you haven’t ever had a chance, then this is your opportunity. On your tour or trip to the safari, you can actually see numerous different species of snakes which include; Eastern green mamba, black mamba, cape cobra, mole snake and puff adder.

These are some animals you might come across on your trip to the South African Safari. But don’t worry none of these can attack you. Precautionary measures and preventive measures are taken primarily. So there is literally no risk of life. Just a little adventure and some fun might be your way, though!!!


Why visit South African Safari?

South African safari is all about diversity and assortment. With numerous iconic and wildly travel destinations, national parks and wildlife safaris you will undoubtedly have a nice vacation in South Africa. There are several distinctive South African safaris but one of them which is the best of all and a whole book is written primarily about the exotic safari is at Thula Thula. Let me describe this amazing and unforgettable South African safari that you will love.

Why is Thula Thula too much fun? Let’s discover,

The magnificent area is just about 2-hour drive away North of Durban, and only about 50 minutes from the Richards Bay, which is 100% malaria free area.

The rich history
Thula Thula, is the oldest, private game reserve in the KwaZulu Natal province. Thula Thula was once the part of the exciting hunting grounds of the legendary Zulu King Shaka, he was the founder of the whole incredible Zulu Empire, which is today home to the great adventure, thrill, enchanting and mesmerizing things to watch and observe. The place is vibrant with wild and amazing animals like the buffalo, rhino, leopard, elephant, hyenas, crocodile, giraffe, nyala, wildebeest, kudu, zebra and a whole lot more beautiful species of animals. Along with animals there are close to 370 diverse species of the beautiful, unique and colourful birds that you can’t see in the rest of the world. The Raptors are also included in this fantastic area. Indeed this adventurous area is nothing less than a miracle alive on the universe right now.

The divine beauty
One of the exclusive experiences of Thula Thula South African safari is the absolute luxury. The Elephant Safari Lodge has 8 thatched unique chalets that are decorated in multiple flavors of colonial and ethnic elegance. Here you can learn more deeply about the ethnic beauty and culture of the beautiful African region of the world. Africa has some divine grace, the beauty is in her culture, traditions, and people and of course the Thula Thula safari.

Luxury accommodation

The Elephant Safari Lodge in Thula Thula safari offers some superb accommodation with the level of comfort and privacy you could ever wish for as the Suite Royale or the Suite Imperiale for special occasions. These suites can be an undoubtedly romantic place to spend and enjoy time with the love of your life. The absolute and divine luxury and the privacy in the AC rooms for the individual chalets of the Elephant Safari Lodge, all are elegantly decorated in a sumptuous colonial style with a beautiful private veranda with amazing view. That view from the veranda is something you can’t forget and those moments will always have a place in your heart.

The food with the thrill
Candlelight dinners served either in the dining room that is usually around the pool on the veranda or in the Boma around the fire under the beautiful sky with shining stars. A perfect romantic dinner with your loved one.

Exquisite décor
The stylish décor and the most superb cuisine of the region in a unique and beautiful atmosphere of the famous Elephant Safari Lodge have brought Thula Thula to be one of the most famous and loved gourmet destinations of the KwaZulu Natal region.
You can enjoy the exotic cocktails at the “Marula Bar” or you can just relax in the cosy lounge in the thatched Lapa while you can view the beauty of the magnificent birdlife.

The Safari adventure
One of the exciting and adventurous things to do here is to experience thrilling safaris in the open game drive vehicles, of course with the professional rangers, at this ancestral land. You encounter big game here, and that superb birdlife.
Thula Thula re-introduced a breeding herd of elephant in August 1999 marking the historic return of these majestic creatures to the area in nearly 100 years and specializes in elephant rehabilitation, led by the renowned conservationist Lawrence Anthony, who also initiated the rescue of the Baghdad Zoo in April 2003. So, whenever you are visiting South Africa, make sure you do pay a visit to the wildlife and safari parks too because a little adventure, fun, and experience are always a little different and exciting. So what are you waiting for? Book now your safari and enjoy one of your best vacations that you can ever get in your lifetime. Spend the time in an enchanting way with your partner and family and make some great, lovely, unforgettable, priceless and adventurous memories of the South African Safari.