The World Elephant Day was created in 2012 to celebrate these magnificent  creatures and support a future where they can be respected and protected, and to also bring attention to the crisis they are facing with the situation of African and Asian elephants, to help protect them and ensure their survival. Bringing the world together, as 50 countries participate to this special day, to help elephants survive not only from poaching, but also from exploitation in captivity as in circuses, tourists attractions or entertainment.

Many people love and respect elephants BUT?

Elephants are unique creatures, intelligent, empathetic and highly social, they take care of each other, have strong family bonds, they feel emotions as joy, anger, grief and compassion. We can witness the intellectual and social superiority of the elephants just by observing them.

Humans could learn a lot from them?

But lots of people are not aware of this alarming situation of poaching for their ivory. One elephant is killed every 15 minutes. That is more than 35 000 elephants per year slaughtered to supply the illegal ivory trade that feeds the demand in some Asian countries and also the US. There are still about 600 000 elephants in Africa, but at that alarming rate of poaching, they could be extinct within 30 years.

WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT  : there are many ways to get involved even for those who are not  in conservation. Everyone can help as the future of African wildlife is at serious risk. What would be Africa without elephants and rhinos ?

So spread the word about this crisis,  and support organisations as animal welfare organisations  involved in helping wildlife conservation. Spread awareness, as few know about it. This can be done using social medias, petitions, creating or participating in events, all these contribute to help raise awareness and put more pressure on leaders to help and take action to protect wildlife from poaching, but also for elephants in captivity to help them to return to a natural environment where they are not being exploited.

Elephant Poaching is escalating all around in Africa and has reached South Africa. People know about the rhino situation.

The elephants are next. This is the sad reality.

At Thula Thula we are committed to  the protection and survival of all our wildlife, and security and anti-poaching has become our number one priority. We send our security team to anti-poaching training and we believe it is a war so we have to be prepared. Some of our wildlife (our rhinos) have got a 24h/7 armed guards and we are ready to fight this war with the best and well trained team.

We thank all our donors for their generosity to help us fight this war as without your donations we would not be able to send our guards to this specialized anti-poaching training..

For some interesting news, the book THE ELEPHANT WHISPERER of my late husband Lawrence Anthony is being translated in Chinese, simplified characters, for mainland China and should come out end of this year. It is already translated in Chinese / Taiwanese and we actually had a group from Taiwan at Thula Thula last week who had read the book and came to meet our famous elephant family. They loved the book and the story of the rescue of our herd of elephants and fell in love with them. So maybe there is hope once it comes out in mainland China, to change the mind of some who will be able to spread the word and learn and teach others to love and respect all wildlife. After all, it is all about education.